Iron Maiden Award Artwork

I am very proud to announce that 2 months ago a record company here in NZ approached me to produce a very special commissioned piece of artwork for none other than Iron Maiden to celebrate their success here in Aotearoa. I was tasked with creating an image of ‘Eddie’ for a unique to NZ sales award that…

Shihad LPs

Repackaged for vinyl right here at Indium Design – get ’em while you can.

MASSIVE!! MASSIVE!! MASSIVE NEWS!!! Vinyl Lovers rejoice!! Shihad – Shihad and Blue Light Disco EP out on vinyl Apr 15!!

So far this year I’ve been working on new merch for Scott Stapp, a Uk release CD of Ray Columbus, an LP collection of hits from ‘The Valentines’ who featured non other than Bon Scott (prior to him joining AC/DC) and a compilation of songs to get pissed to for Sony Music NZ. Not to mention blasting shit loads of Official Motörhead in memory of our fallen hero.