Behind the cover #4 – Devilskin

This week features a more recent cover for platinum selling Hamilton rock band, Devilskin. I first (almost) heard of the band when their manager took me aside at a showcase (for other bands) and told me in hushed tones that he had a job for me that would be right up my alley…

Cairo Knife Fight Reality Engine

Cairo Knife Fight Single

Reality Engine, the last single (I think) from Cairo Knife Fights forthcoming album, ‘The Colossus’ (due out May 27). Catch Nick’s amazing live performances throughout Australia soon with Karnivool

Record Store Day

It’s Record Store Day 2015 down at Real Groovy Auckland this Saturday (April 18th) and you can get your hands on some vinyl designed here at Indium. First there is ‘A Study In Colour’ from 1960s pop favourites Larry’s Rebels as well as a double gatefold LP from BITCH/Cleves which features their 1971 album ‘The Cleves’ alongside their unreleased 1973 UK album recorded as Bitch.

Behind the cover #3

What with Easter having just passed, why not go with a little bit of religious controversy for this weeks ‘Behind The Cover’? Believe it or not, this cover was actually banned in New Zealand upon its release at the CD & DVD Store as it was deemed too offensive. Got to be proud of that.

Luga Boa - Mutate or Die cover

Behind the cover #2 Luga Boa – Mutate or Die

When The D4 played their last show ever in Auckland NZ in June 2006, you just knew it couldn’t really be the end for each of these talented musicians. What emerged from a quarter of their ashes was the alter ego of Jimmy Christmas. The mutton chops, long hair and manky clothes were replaced by a gleaming bald head, spotless white suit and the swagger of a true rock ‘n’ roll outlaw, Mr Luger Boa himself.